The organizers of „The Best Publications on Mountains”, 3rd International Competition, here-in-after stated as the Competition, are as follows:
  • The Central Mountain Tourism Centre (COTG PTTK) in Cracow,
  • Targi w Krakowie Ltd. in Cracow,
  • Karpaty Publisher – Andrzej Łączyński in Cracow.
Each Submitter may submit to the Competition any number of titles of publications that have appeared with the printed date of issue from 2011 (inclusive).
The publications submitted for the Competition, regardless of the language of the publication, will be assessed by the Jury in the following categories:
  • albums,
  • guidebooks,
  • popular science, monographs and others,
  • literary prose on mountains,
  • maps,
  • atlases, encyclopedias, vocabularies of names, places, objects, nature and others.
We encourage you to read the terms of participation