​Sanitary protection is already included in the process of preparing the Fair. Thanks to the widening of the corridors, the distances between the stands are greater. This allows visitors to move freely while maintaining an appropriate distance.
Non-contact temperature measurement is another element of our preventive measures. The facility is equipped with gates with special readers that check the temperature of people entering the Fair. The entrance zone is also the place of the first disinfection - at a later stage of the visit, each Participant will be able to use dispensers with disinfectants, which will be available at several points inside the building. Touch elements will also be disinfected, i.e. handrails, door handles and elements of stands.

Bearing in mind the restrictions on the number of people per square meter, the number of Visitors must be controlled. Participants will enter the Fair in the rounds for which tickets will be sold. In order to prevent excessive contact, tickets are to be available for purchase only online and only with mandatory registration of the details of each person participating in the Fair: both adults and children. Thanks to this, it is possible to accurately monitor how many people are in the building at a given moment and who our guests are.

The key will be, above all, to maintain the required restrictions during the event itself. In addition to adapting the facility to sanitary requirements, we also prepare the Participants to be careful. Personal protective equipment such as face masks and gloves will apply. For people who forget to bring it with them, we will offer the opportunity to purchase the necessary protective elements in the entrance area.

We also implement solutions that will guarantee safe meetings. These include, among others, properly equipped stands: there will be special liter bins for masks and gloves, as well as protection with a Plexiglas cover. The price of the stand also includes a sanitary package. Its basic form is intended for every Exhibitor with an area of ​​4-35 m3 and includes:
• 50 pieces of nitrile gloves;
• 25 pieces of disposable masks;
• hand disinfectant - 300 ml;
• surface disinfectant - 300ml;
• face shield visor - 1 piece.

What's more, for each additional 18m2 above 35m2 of the stand area, Exhibitors receive an additional sanitary package, which guarantees another 50 pieces of gloves, 25 pieces of disposable masks, one more face shield visor and 300ml of hand disinfectant.

In addition, the security present in both halls will ensure compliance with applicable regulations, i.e. keeping distance and the use of personal protective equipment.
The safety of each Exhibitor, Participant, as well as our employees is the most important mission of this year's event. Therefore, we prepare them taking all precautions so that the special edition of this year's International Book Fair in Krakow could take place in safe conditions.

More details on the procedures related to the functioning of EXPO Kraków are available here:

If you have any questions, we are happy to help - at you will find answers to bothering questions in connection with the safety rules regarding the restrictions resulting from the current situation related to the coronavirus epidemic.