Promotional package online

If individual ads seem to be insufficient - it is possible to buy an online promotional package. The package is a combination of several services at relatively low prices. The number of packages is li...

Entry strategy

EXPO Krakow is ready to receive guests - inform the organizers of the International Book Fair in Krakow. October is getting closer, so it is time to present the entry strategy - this year's entry syst...

Safe Fair means safe Participants

Many readers and literature lovers would like the 24th International Book Fair in Krakow to take place. In order for this to happen, the Organizers and Participants must prepare for changes in the way...

Author - let's meet over the book

Meetings with authors are a very important part of every reading festival, and therefore also the International Book Fair in Krakow. That is why, despite the difficulties arising from the current epid...